A division of the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners, 100 Strong Productions ® endeavors to tell the untold stories of North Carolina through documentary films, and various other video productions in support of the NCACC's mission.


In 2021, the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners set out to tell the stories that affect counties using a new medium, documentary film. Then president of the NCACC, Ronnie Smith of Martin County, had focused his presidential initiative on Food System Resilience, and this was a topic that lent itself well to becoming a documentary. So, 100 Strong Productions was formed and produced a pilot project first film, Resilience – Food For All.


The film was produced by and shot on location by an in-house team. That team worked in cooperation with industry professionals who advised in creative direction, writing, music and more. The film highlights some of the issues with food insecurity in North Carolina as well as some of the bright spots where hard work is being done to address the issue.


You can learn more about that pilot project film by visiting www.theresiliencefilm.com


100 Strong Productions has since partnered with several locations around North Carolina to have in-person screenings of the film. Audiences have included county commissioners, state legislators, local mayors, school board members, county sheriffs, college professors, college students, cooperative extension agents, county managers, and more. The screenings often include panel and group discussions which have provided some valuable and unique connections that will further have positive impacts on the issues in those communities.


Our team here at 100 Strong Productions has learned a lot on this journey thus far, and we believe this storytelling medium will be a powerful tool to bring awareness to the issues that our state and counties face here in North Carolina. We also believe the films we produce can be both inspirational and instructive as innovative ideas can be shared through the telling of these stories. We hope you will join us on the journey as we tell the untold stories of North Carolina for the betterment of our state and all 100 North Carolina counties.